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Adventure-Ready & Packed with Purpose

Adventures are full of exciting events, new sights and surprising twists. Part of the thrill is not knowing what will happen next. Cotopaxi’s Del Dia collection is designed to recreate the feeling of anticipation in the face of adventure, with each bag representing the limitless possibility of surprise.

Made in Bataan, Philippines, the Del Dia collection is manufactured with fair labor and environmentally sound practices in mind. By collecting other brands’ unused material, Cotopaxi minimizes waste and constructs bags from 100% repurposed fabric. Makers combine these remnants of nylon fabric to create one-of-a-kind bags that are fun, functional, and sustainable. From panel colors to zipper pulls to trim pieces, each bag is uniquely manufactured due to the creative freedom of the sewers who are empowered to choose each bag’s color combination. Cotopaxi’s color-blocked bags are bold, durable and guaranteed to surprise!

With color combinations as unique as your team, these bags are perfect for brands who have a sense of adventure and are looking for a fresh, fun and sustainable product. As a Certified B Corporation with a Climate Neutral Certification, you can feel good purchasing Cotopaxi’s gear that does good. Add decoration in a neutral color to ensure it will match any color combination. For an embellishment that stands out, we suggest the decoration techniques of heat transfer or embroidery. Heat transfer is a great option for Cotopaxi bags due to their durable nylon fabric that is heat tolerant. Alternatively, select embroidery for a textured look.

A colorful surprise is waiting for you. Email to speak with a team member.

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