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Case Study: Building Brand Affinity Through Client Gifts

Client: JQ Financial Solutions Categorization: Campaign Development | Kitting

Cosmetic bag next to the text "cherishing clients and boosting retention"

The Situation:

Our client was looking for a creative client gift to celebrate Mother's Day

JQ Financial Solutions is passionate about empowering female business owners to reach financial success through accounting assistance and financial planning. With a predominately female-dominated clientele, the company wanted to honor and show appreciation for motherhood and all its different forms.

Traditionally, the company gifted unbranded items such as a bouquet of flowers that would wilt over time and be thrown away. The company wanted to transition to a branded gift within the same budget that boosted brand affinity. The goal was to curate a reusable gift that strategically fit into the target audience's lifestyle and communicated the company's commitment to its clients' well-being.

The Solution:

Promo Assets developed a custom self-care kit
Self-care kit with a cosmetic bag, bottle of lotion, weighted eye mask and custom card

To strengthen JQ Financial Solutions’ emotional connection with its clients, our team developed a marketing campaign that communicated the company’s value proposition: handling the numbers so clients can focus on their business, family and selves. The campaign featured a self-care kit that included a weighted eye mask, a bottle of lotion and a heartfelt card all tucked into a custom vegan leather cosmetic bag. The card featured the copy, “We’ll handle the numbers so you can focus on yourself! May you find time to rest and enjoy your family on this special day!” Our team sourced the items, designed the product artwork and packaged the kits, saving the company valuable time. Overall, the project was within budget and delivered on time.

The Results:

JQ Financial Solutions gifted a useful, high-quality gift that resonated with clients

Clients appreciated the timely and thoughtful gift. Feedback showed that clients felt like the brand really cared for them and their wellbeing.

“Everyone is loving the self-care kits, said Jennifer Quillen. Recipients “were blown away by the quality of the bag and eye mask. Promo Assets makes gifting easy. All I had to do was answer a few simple questions, and they did the rest. They saved me so much time, energy and hassle.

Are you looking to build brand affinity and reward clients? We’d love to help you formulate the perfect client gifting experience. Email to speak with a team member.

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