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Case Study: Employee Appreciation

Updated: May 9, 2022

Client: Peoples Exchange Bank Categorization: Sourcing | Corporate Gifts

The Situation:

Our client was looking for unique products to gift during employee appreciation week that resonate with personnel and make them feel appreciated.

As a company built by people, for people, Peoples Exchange Bank believes that employee appreciation is at the heart of a good business. To celebrate and reward personnel, the company hosts a yearly employee appreciation week. The week typically concludes with a festive companywide gathering. However, due to Covid-19 social distancing precautions, the event was canceled. Therefore, budgets shifted and gifting needs were transformed.

After 20 years in the industry, our client felt like she had seen and done everything regarding promotional products. Our client was looking for unique products that would effortlessly intertwine into employees’ lifestyles.

The Solution:

Promo Assets curated an employee appreciation kit centered around workplace connectivity.
Peoples Exchange Bank Owner, Mr. Charles Beach, enjoying new padfolio

To strengthen the workforce community and help employees feel united and cared for while being separated due to the pandemic, our team strategically selected products that intertwined into their workday and constructed a message centered around the idea that every team member matters and significantly contributes to the company’s success. The kit included: a custom lunch cooler and wheat straw bento box to help employees upgrade their lunch experience, a cookie canister filled to the brim with a mid-day snack coupled with a miniature desk vacuum to clean up the crumbs after enjoying the sweet treat, a hard surface mouse pad decorated with the company values, and a can coolie to keep drinks insulated at future company gatherings once precautions dissipate.

The Results:

Promo Assets helped our client construct a memorable gifting experience that produced the desired result: everyone felt appreciated.

From raving about the delicious cookies to complimenting the size of the lunch box and the design of the mousepads, employees were delighted with the branded gifts.

"Employee Appreciation is one of my favorite events to plan for each year," said VP of Marketing & Customer Experience, Juliann Jones Irwin. "It is a great opportunity to celebrate staff and reward them for their success while thanking them for their commitment and hard work. Promotional products have a profound impact on our employee engagement. They serve as a practical, thoughtful and fun gift. Using branded 'swag' for internal marketing builds a strong connection with employees to our brand, and they pass that connection on to our customers. Employees love receiving gifts, and Promo Assets did a great job helping us to deliver something special this year!

Are you looking to engage, motivate, reward and retain employees? We'd love to help you formulate the perfect employee gifting experience. Email to speak with a team member.

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