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Case Study: Multisite Uniforms

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Client: Amteck Categorization: Technology | Fulfillment | Apparel

The Situation:

The company needed an efficient process for ordering and receiving mass orders of uniforms quickly.

In the past, the company would compile a list of uniform needs from each job site into a joint order that was distributed to a single site. The single fulfillment location placed extra burden on an internal employee who had to sort, repackage, and ship the correct size, style, and quantity of uniforms to each job site across the United States.

The Solution:

Promo Assets was able to simplify the process and ensured the fulfillment of the orders directly to each job site.

Promo Assets created a custom online system that allowed each job site supervisor to input their specific location’s uniform needs: employee name, size, style, and quantity. The order shipped directly to the job site with each employees' uniform individually poly bagged and labeled with their name. This ensured ease and accuracy when distributing employees' uniforms.

For billing purposes, electronic documents were exported to the client's accounting team so uniforms could be billed accurately, either to the job site or employee.

The Results:

The implementation of this solution streamlined the ordering and fulfillment process, saving internal employees time and labor.

Promo Assets helped take the fulfillment burden off the internal employee and ensured that the uniforms were in the recipients’ hands faster and more efficiently.

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