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Customized for People Who Care: Denik’s Mission

“Art can change the world” a simple phrase that defines the vision of Denik, a print company that offers personalized and unique notebooks with each purchase impacting the life of a child. Denik was founded in 2011 by a group of college students at Utah State who were on a mission to show the world that artists can make an impact. The team humbly began selling these cause-based notebooks wherever they could find crowds: concerts, parties, corporate events and farmers markets. Denik quickly grew in popularity due to its ability to stand out among an oversaturated industry. With an inhouse art team, Denik helps customized designs come to life exactly as imagined. Each notebook can be made-to-order with a full color cover and the selection of lined, dot-grid or blank pages. Denik offers clients a unique opportunity to add personal touches and bring individuality to life.

With each notebook purchase, proceeds are donated directly toward building schools and funding education initiatives around the world. As of 2018, Denik has built 5 schools across Ghana, Guatemala, Loas and Mali, enhancing the educational experience of thousands of children in impoverished communities in Africa, Asia and South America. The construction of these schools ensures that education is accessible to children living in remote, rural villages such as Zambougou in Mali. Yet, the contributions go beyond the construction of schools. As of 2020, $75,000 worth of notebooks have been donated to at-risk youth in the U.S., 1,000 water filters were provided for students, 104 students in Mali, Africa had their tuition and fees covered, and three rural schools received water, sanitation and hygiene training. With each purchase, you are helping fund education projects worldwide and positively impacting the trajectory of children’s lives. Through the sale of custom notebooks, art is changing the world.

Rather than blank notebooks, cultivate a workspace that encourages expression and promotes individuality. Is your company creative and fun? Show that by using creative and personalized artwork on company resources. Convey company pride and personalization with unique artwork. Orders can be fully customized to your desired design and quantity.

Layflat notebooks, sketchbooks, wire-O notebooks, pocketbooks, spiral notebooks, journals and craft books are all available in a range of sizes. These notebooks are waterproof with bleed and smudge resistant pages. This company offers a 200% Lifeproof Warranty which guarantees replacement if your order arrives damaged, doesn’t hold up to its potential in 3 months or isn’t the exact design you envisioned. The company will reprint and resend, no questions asked. This ensures client satisfaction and durability are guaranteed.

Ready to start an order or interested in learning more about Denik? Contact us at

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