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Enhance the Experience: A Tangible Award with a Virtual Message

In this modern age, the physical and digital are colliding. This synchronic interaction of tangible items with digital technology is taking the employee experience to a new level and calls for increased personalization. Therefore, recognition standards should be reevaluated and new technology integrations should be considered.

To enhance the recognition experience, consider linking custom content to a physical award. Through the embedding of a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip, you can seamlessly intertwine online content into a tangible award. NFC chips are passive devices that are powered by a device that can read them, such as a smartphone. NFC technology works with all Android and iPhone 10 and newer devices. To view the video, simply place your phone near the embedded chip. A pop-up message will appear asking if the recipient wants to open the content. Once the recipient clicks yes, a new browser window containing the video message will immediately open. But the experience doesn't stop there. The video can be directly shared on social media, optimizing the opportunity for further recognition and brand awareness.

Awards with a Personal Touch

Recognizing employees for their achievements helps create a culture of connection and belonging that leads to increased retention and engagement. To further amplify the impact of receiving a performance, safety or anniversary award, intertwine a personal message from a key executive acknowledging the achievement and specific examples of the employee's admirable accomplishments and exemplary performance. To recognize retirees, consider linking a montage of team members' well wishes.

Warm Welcome to Employees

Creating company loyalty and alignment with key values are critical to an organization. As part of your company welcome kit for new employees, consider adding a personal message by way of a tangible keepsake that can highlight continual achievement. Link a video of the CEO explaining the core values of the organization or a custom message from team members welcoming the new individual to the team. This is particularly impactful for remote positions.

Awards with Video Memory

At an in-person event, the moment of receiving an award happens so quickly. You can help award recipients relive the moment by linking a video of the award presentation to the award itself. While the video won't immediately be active, it can be programmed to the award in as little as two weeks. Once programmed, send out a follow-up email to award recipients with instructions on how to view the video. Even weeks after the event has ended, the celebration will live on.

Ready to amplify your recognition tactics? Promo Assets is here to help. To get started, email or call (859) 303-4544 to speak with a representative.

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