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Food: Is it the 6th Love Language?

The idea that people communicate love in one of five different ways was first theorized by Dr. Gary Chapman in the New York Times bestseller “The 5 Love Languages.” Dr. Chapman proposed that everyone has a primary love language, or set of behaviors, in which they associate with affection such as words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, quality time and physical touch. Since its penmanship in 1992, the idea of love languages has grown in popularity.

Today, the use of the phrase “love language” spans from earnest to humorous. Just take a scroll through social media or do a quick Google search of the term “love languages” and you will find results that span from Sarcasm is my love language to Memes are my love language. Yet, my favorite of them all: Food is my love language. I, for one, must agree.

If you are anything like me, then your favorite holidays even revolve around food: cake on your birthday, a boatload of candy on Halloween, and an array of sweets or popcorn samplers around the winter holidays. In each instance, the appetizing nibbles are gifted from family, friends, neighbors or employers. So, what makes gifting food so wonderful?

Shows Someone You Care

While food isn’t a recognized love language, it does closely relate to gift-giving. As explained by the website 5 Love Languages, “for some people, receiving a heartfelt gift is what makes them feel most loved.” In the case of gifting food, it’s a tasty and universal way to express admiration and appreciation. Nothing can replace the genuine smile that appears on an individual’s face as they unwrap and enjoy a thoughtful gift.

Something for Every Tastebud

Gourmet food is a desirable gift that people will actually use (aka consume). Whether your intended recipient is a chocolate lover, cheese aficionado or salty snack enthusiast (like me), there is a food option that will resonate with their taste buds. Who can resist fresh, scrumptious offerings? Gourmet food has a wide appeal and can be given to large groups or those whose personal preferences are unknown.

It’s a Delicious Experience

When you gift branded gourmet food you are giving an experience that extends beyond the package. Take Maple Ridge Farms’ Genuine Slate Cheese Plate for example. The kit comes with an assortment of premium Wisconsin cheeses and gourmet pairings on an elegant slate cheese plate made of food-safe soapstone. Even after the cheese is gone, the recipient can enjoy the solid stone cheese plate over and over. and be reminded of your brand with each use.

“Delicious and fresh gourmet food gifts bring people together, creates memories and laughter,” said Joelle Stahlecker, marketing coordinator at Maple Ridge Farms. Stahlecker continues, “tasting chocolate, especially good chocolate, nuts, cheese and meat— its something that lingers with us. Your brand has made an emotional marker for those individuals!”

Options for Every Budget and Gift Theme

From branded single gift box treats to treat towers, there are a variety of options that can fit any budget. While gourmet food is a wonderful gift that can be given on its own, you can also pair it with other products to increase an overall gifting experience. Are you building a themed gift? Add a tasty treat to make the gift more memorable and interactive. The options are boundless.

While Dr. Chapman may not officially recognize food as a love language, it is a prime way to reach individuals and show them you care. If your love language is food, I’d love to hear from you. Connect with Promo Assets on social media and share a picture of your favorite branded food gift you've received.

Ready to incorporate gourmet food into your company gifting? Let's discuss the branding options. Email projects@promoassets to speak with a team member.

About the Author

Madison Wallace is the marketing director for Promo Assets. With a background in integrated strategic communication and a passion for graphic design, Madison loves formulating campaigns that communicate a strong brand message and create a memorable experience for the intended recipients. Joining the promotional product industry in 2021, Madison is a brand and content strategist that is committed to strengthening Promo Asset’s brand identity through compelling multimedia storytelling.

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