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Make Your Direct Mail Pop

In a world full of digital approaches to message delivery, direct mail may seem old-fashioned. While targeting prospects through social media ads, SEO optimization and emails are important, direct mail should not be overlooked as research shows that it tends to yield a higher response rate than its digital counterparts. For example, the response rate to direct mail pieces is 3.7% in comparison to 2% for mobile, 1% for email, 1% for social media and 0.2% for internet display. Additionally, Canada Post Corporation found that direct mail is easier to understand, more memorable, more persuasive and more likely to drive behavior than digital media.

Direct mail is a marketing tactic that involves sending physical advertisements to a carefully curated list of addresses. This mail can be a simple postcard or an elaborate kit. Yet, some forms of direct mail are better able to influence and engage the recipient. Lumpy mail, which includes a 3D object that makes it stand out from flat mail, boosts performance by improving open percentages and increases response rate. There are three key reasons why “lumpy mail” stands out.

Cultivates Anticipation

Imagine you are at your mailbox. You see a normal envelope and a bulky package. What do you go for first? Most would head straight to the package. Why? The intrigue of what could be inside. Due to its bulky or strange shape full of lumps and bumps, lumpy mail is hard to ignore. In a pile of normal-sized envelopes, lumpy mail is sure to stand out and immediately arouses curiosity. Just like on your birthday, you can’t wait to unwrap your presents and see what’s inside.

Boosts Memorability

When you send lumpy mail, you are giving recipients something to look forward to beyond un-fun junk mail and bills. Small gestures can make your marketing more memorable. By including a small gift, you are showing your recipient that you value them, and they are worth the extra effort and expense. This small gesture can make your marketing more memorable as the interaction can lead to a positive emotional response from the recipient and the gift sticks around long after the paper mailer is thrown away.

Engages the Senses

Direct mail is interactive, and the tactile nature allows you to engage more of your recipients’ senses than digital marketing. The more senses that a message appeals to beyond touch, the more persuasive. For example, Canada Post Corporation found that sensory direct mail that included a scent or sound effect outperformed non-sensory direct mail in regards to a consumer’s motivation to act. By incorporating sensory stimulation into your direct mail, you are creating a unique and memorable experience beyond the regular trip to the mailbox.

To make your mail lumpy, consider adding a free sample or a branded product that fits the theme of the message and enhances its delivery. The included item should be useful to the recipient, add value to the message and stand out. It’s important to ensure there is a common thread throughout the entire package. For example, our “Treat Yourself” campaign was delivered in a white envelope with the text “Special delivery. Sweet Treat Inside.” When the recipient opened the envelope, they found a neoprene ice cream pint sleeve with an insert inside. The insert instructed recipients to peek inside the ice cream pint sleeve. When they did, the recipient discovered a gift card to a local ice cream shop hidden inside. The intent behind this campaign was to thank clients while providing them with a tasty experience. The gift allowed them to treat themselves by enjoying a pint of ice cream on us.

Considering lumpy mail but not sure what to include? Email to speak with a member of our team.

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