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Mix Up Your Color Scheme

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Color is powerful. Through its ability to evoke reactions, the use of color can enhance or detract from an experience or product. It can change moods, induce hunger, or irritate your eyes. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider how you will incorporate color into your promotional products.

While it’s important to stick to your brand guide and ensure your company colors are shining through, there are several easy ways to mix things up while still incorporating your brand colors. Here are three color combinations to consider when designing your next promotional product:

Pop with Complementary Colors

Think back to elementary school when you learned about the color wheel. The wheel emphasized the three primary colors—red, yellow, and blue— and three secondary colors—orange, green, and violet. There is one more term you probably remember: complementary colors. Selecting opposing colors from the wheel produces a complementary color combination that can create high impact and contrast in designs. If you are looking for a simple but bright and eye-catching design, consider using complementary colors.

Make a Big Impact with One Color

Changing the tone, shade, or tint of a hue can completely change the evoked reaction. Tones are created by adding gray to a hue while the addition of black creates a shade. Tones create a darker, subtler version of the original hue while shades produce deeper and richer versions of the original hue. In contrast, tints are created when white is added, producing a lighter feel. Whether you choose tones, shades, or tints, the result will be a subtle and harmonious look centered around one base hue. This technique allows you to choose a one-color imprint option instead of full color and still get a stunning design.

Find Inspiration from Current Trends

To increase the probability that a promotional product will be utilized, draw inspiration from current color trends. This will ensure that the product is timely and will position your brand as trendy. For example, you can look to Pantone’s color of the year. Based on trend analysis and new color influences found around the globe, Pantone’s color of the year will help you leverage the power of color. Don’t be afraid to pick colors out of your typical scope; let current trends help you select a stylish color that will be sure to captivate.

We’d love to help you mix up your color palette. Email to speak with a member of our team.

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