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Must-Have Products for the Road Trip Traveler

After months of stay-at-home orders and the recent vaccine roll-out, Americans are ready to start exploring again. Through a partnership with YouGov, Forbes found that nearly nine in 10 Americans have made plans to travel within the next six months. Yet, the mode of transportation that is selected varies by demographic and lifestyle. For example, parents are opting for road trips over flights, until their children are vaccinated. Additionally, those who took up outdoor hobbies during the lockdown, such as hiking or kayaking, are eager to explore new locations where their passions can flourish. Hitting the open road allow those seeking adventure to ease back into travel by visiting domestic locations and exploring the natural beauty of the US landscape while social distancing. With a rise in road trip popularity, we’ve compiled a list of favorite must-haves for a successful drive.

Charge Along the Way

While streaming your favorite playlist is a road trip must, your phone’s battery life will feel the effects long before you want your music to stop. Here’s your solution: the Gravitis™ Wireless Car Charger. Fitting most car air vents, this charger allows you to keep your phone in place for effortless navigation (and song selection) while your phone battery charges.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated for miles with the Corkcicle® Canteen. This triple-insulated, vacuum-sealed canteen is designed to accommodate most standard-size ice cubes and keeps drinks cold for 24 hours. We suggest the 25 oz. option which fits most cup holders.

Get Comfy

Lengthy travel days can lead to fatigue. For those not behind the wheel, sleeping in the car is an easy way to stay energized for the next stop. Block out the suns rays and avoid a stiff neck by using a plushy reinforcement, like the AeroLOFT™ Travel Pillow with Sleep Mask. With a removable plush pillow cover and satin polyester sleep mask, this set will have you snoozing comfortably in no time. As an added bonus, it compactly folds into a drawstring travel pouch.

Pack Light

A lightweight duffle bag is a must when you set out on the road. This Ripstop Gear Bag folds compactly into an attached pocket for easy storage. Pack your clothes in this bag or keep it folded away to hold gifts and souvenirs you acquire along the trip. No need to worry about the bag fees.

Block those Rays

Road trips are synonymous with rolled-down windows and shining sun. Just make sure to pack your shades. We love these custom Malibu Sunglasses. With the capability of Pantone matched frames, lens art, and a full-color pouch, this product has endless design options.

Let us help you get your company team ready to hit the road this summer. Email to speak with a member of our team.

We encourage all travelers to make responsible travel decisions and adhere to local and state guidance.

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