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Preparing for April Showers

Updated: May 5, 2022

Umbrellas are our saving graces in a surprise rainstorm, and are essential on the busiest rainy days. The best branded merchandise is just that - essential. Umbrellas provide the perfect mix of personalization and necessity.

Choosing a branded umbrella seems like a simple choice. You just pick the one that keeps you dry, right? It can be that simple, or you can make the commitment to find the umbrella that fits your needs - come rain or shine.

The first step in choosing the right umbrella for you is determining your needs. Do you favor eco-friendly options? Are you trying to wow your clients with innovative design? With so many umbrella options in the branded merchandise market, we’re here to lay out all your options so you can pick the perfect rainy day accessory.

Pops of Color & Decoration

Black umbrella with orange underlay canopy.
The Rebel Inverted Umbrella features a double cover canopy and a full-color imprint

Depending on your brand, you may opt for full-color decoration or a hint of color on the umbrella you choose. Color is one way to get your brand noticed on dreary rainy days. And, when there is no sun outside, we tend to gravitate toward colors that feel sunny. While colorblocked umbrellas are whimsical, inverted colors like The Rebel give an unexpected surprise. Beyond vibrant colors, decoration is an important consideration. Some brands prefer to add a chic logo on the outside of the umbrella, while others want a full-color design. Either way, adding decoration to your branded merchandise is crucial.

Arc Size

Another key part of an umbrella is its arc size. The range of arc sizes span across various types of umbrellas, including those that are travel-sized or meant to protect you from all angles. In choosing your branded merchandise, you must decide whether you want to present your customers with an umbrella that’s easy to stow away, or the one that you break out during the flash floods.

Small collapsable umbrella in fitted package and box.
The Luxe Umbrella is packaged in a sleek gift box

Elevated Gifting

Sometimes, it’s all in the presentation. The way that your client or employee receives a gift can often beat the gift itself. Collapsible umbrellas serve as a compact option that can be gifted in a sleek box, which elevates your branded merchandise each time. On the opposite end, standard umbrellas can make a bold statement.

The Little Things

While size and color make are important considerations, an umbrella is also made better by many small details. Features like UV protection and inverted technology, which opens inside-out to keep you dry, keep your branded merchandise from feeling stale. Options like brand names and automatic closure make umbrellas feel more luxurious, and vented umbrellas are perfect for your next sponsored golf tournament. Eco-friendly details, like bamboo handles and recycled RPET materials, ensure that you’re sticking to company values and “doing your part” while gifting.

Image of a RainAlertz 5-day forecast
5-day forecast example
Example of a RainAlertz push notification
Push notification example

Technology can also give a unique edge to an umbrella. RainAlertz Umbrellas come with instructions on how to download the RainAlertz app and a custom access code. This unique app delivers a branded push notification each time there is a 60% or higher chance of rain, generating continued brand awareness via mobile advertising. When the push notification is clicked, users will be taken to the app and see the five-day forecast for their location.

How To Give

Despite the many amazing qualities, branded merchandise is not about the merchandise itself; it’s about the experience. Gifting your branded merch is meant to foster a relationship between you and your client, employee or supplier. One of the easiest ways to establish a relationship with branded umbrellas is by leaving them by office entrances and exits to be taken by those visiting your office. Regardless, your purpose is to find the branded merchandise that says, “We’re thinking of you when the sun is shining and when it isn’t.”

Choosing the right umbrella can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating the perfect umbrella combination can take the consumer-business relationship to the next level. As branded merchandise experts, Promo Assets is equipped to help you find the umbrella that works best for your brand.

Make rainy days feel sunny with innovative branded merch. Promo Assets’ team of product experts is here to guide you through all the options to create one-of-a-kind umbrellas. Email to get started or learn more.

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