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Promo Assets Employee Celebrates Three Years as Logistics Specialist

Promo Assets, a promotional product distributor located in Lexington, Kentucky, honored Kalen Ousley on August 29 for his continual dedication to the company.

Ousley currently serves as the logistics specialist. In this role, he coordinates and oversees orders, from shipping and receiving to quality control. With an eye for detail and a knack for understanding complex processes, Ousley has helped streamline Promo Assets’ operational procedures and minimize logistic errors.

“Kalen is an integral part of Promo Assets’ success as he helps ensure that all orders meet customer requirements,” said Nick Pfister, founder of Promo Assets. “Moving forward, I am excited to see how Kalen continues to grow within this role.”

Ousley previously worked in warehousing and manufacturing for some of the largest corporations operating in Kentucky.

“I've learned the benefits of working for a local business rather than a large corporation,” said Ousley. It's easy to feel like your hard work can go unnoticed in those sorts of places. Here, though, I feel like I'm part of a work family and not just another clock number. As a result, I'm much happier here than I have been in any other job I've had.”

Ousley has been with Promo Assets for approximately one-third of the business' lifespan, and he looks forward to a long career with the company.

About Promo Assets

Promo Assets prides itself on designing purpose-driven, branded products and apparel as unique as your company. With a team of passion-driven creatives, Promo Assets’ employees are dedicated to elevating brands by devising meaningful experiences delivered through the strategic selection and design of products and apparel. Experience the benefit of added meaning with Promo Assets.

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