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The 411 on What’s Trending for Spring

Every year, we pack away our winter blues and trade them in for something popular for spring. And after a cold, blustery winter, we are ready for something new.

Spring 2022 is bringing us bold fonts and vibrant colors to get us out of our winter slump. According to Shillington New York, maximalist color palettes are booming. While the past few years have seen neutrals and sedated colors trending, 2022 is welcoming six or seven colors – all in the same design. Using maximalist color palettes correctly can be a challenge; it’s all about balance. Mixing fluorescents with pastels only works when there is a grounding neutral, like black or white.

If you thought that your 90s daydream and grunge era was over, think again. The long-standing 90s revival is in full swing with extreme bubble lettering and ripped textures. Design Director at CPB London, June Frange confirms that the 90s nostalgia isn’t going anywhere. Frange is forecasting “retro indents, green screen, and meme aesthetics.” Most trends fade out as quickly as they became popular, but the 90s aesthetic has had its moment for a couple of years. Johanna Alves, creative director at Vista, reminds us that our lives post-pandemic are begging for some fun. “People want familiarity and comfort mixed with minimalism - life was overwhelming pre-pandemic,” Alves explains. “People want to slow down, reflect and have fun.”

The 90s aren’t the only decade feeling loved. Y2K trends have slowly risen over the year, and designers project iridescent and holographic prints will be in full swing in 2022. With technological innovations every day, Y2K represents what was once considered the future of technology with bright, swirling patterns.

What do these trends mean for branded merchandise?

It means that your branded merch is making a bold entrance into the lives of your clients, employees and friends.

Spring 2022 trends aren’t exclusively design-related. For the branded merchandise industry, it’s all about where the maximalist color palettes or 90s fonts land. This year, sleek drinkware and exciting kits will drive the industry. These items make the perfect welcome or congratulatory gift and are only made better by the bright designs projected for 2022.

But designers aren’t reinventing the wheel, so the branded merchandise industry isn’t either. Products like scrunchies and fun-to-use writing utensils have resurfaced, giving us the nostalgic feel that Alves explained. We’re even seeing the resurgence of look-alike Von Dutch trucker hats (you know the ones). These make the perfect surprise for the right audience, like employees who need a morale boost or the trendy client you just met with. 2022 is the year of joy, fun and whimsy. Let your branded merchandise reflect that!

Throw back to your favorite designs from the past to make a fresh statement with branded merch. Promo Assets’ team of product experts is here to guide you through choosing the best trends to create one-of-a-kind products. Email to get started or learn more.

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